These three things sum up our ethos at Barti. They embody everything that took us to this point. And they nudge and encourage us in the right direction to where we’re going.

1. Seek Adventure

Adventure is everywhere. Eyes up.

Be bold and daring. Seek adventure, even in the simplest of places. Find new experiences, re-find old ones. See everything you didn’t see before. Go explore.

2. Do Good

Be thoughtful, what you do today will have an affect on others tomorrow. Fresh air breathes life into all of our ideas, ideas are so much more precious than things. Respect nature. Take responsibility. Give back. Or take less in the first place.

3. Go Create

Print artist and Barti label designer Tom Frost at work

Champion creators, innovators and free thinkers; entrepreneurs with an insatiable desire to create something extraordinary. To experiment; to reinvent and to try, are actions worth celebrating.