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At Barti Rum our mantra is, Seek Adventure, Do Good and Go Create. Well this self isolation and social distancing thing covers ‘Do good’ easy peasy. ‘Seek adventure’, is a bit trickier, but you could argue there’s adventure everywhere, and that it depends on how creative you are? So here we go, it’s ‘Go Create’s time to shine, have fun, be careful and stay smart.

1. Learn a new skill. Check out reputable videos on youtube for free, or paid apps like skillshare where you can learn pretty much anything from professionals. Like, anything!!!

2. Write. Write a diary of events, write about your dreams, write poetry, write a novel. When has there ever been so much time to put your thoughts into written words?

3. Research. Ever thought about a career change? Never looked into the nitty gritty. Could it become a reality? 

4. Form a business plan. That unique idea you had, get it down on paper and figure out the financial details. You have so got this, I’m excited already!

5. Make. Make something cool out of something old. Spruce up and adapt an item of clothing, make something functional out of bits in the shed, craft upcoming birthday cards, your house is your oyster!

6. Draw. Life drawing could make for an interesting Monday afternoon.

7. Bake. You’ll have to say goodbye to sticking to the recipe if you’re only making limited trips out for supplies. Get creative with the ingredients you have, you might be pleasantly surprised!

8. Dance. Choreograph a routine with you cohabitees, or get the extended family involved via Skype!

9. Make a stop start animation. Because never has there been this much time time to do something so laborious but so rewardingly amazing. And why the hell not.

10. Invent a drinking game. Sensibly and responsibly… obviously.

Photo: Jonny Keeley