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Did you know that the original pirate code was written by Barti Ddu?

I. Every man has a vote in affairs of moment; has equal title to the fresh provisions, or strong liquors, at any time seized.  This was the seventeen hundreds, Barti was way ahead with human rights.

II. Every man to be called fairly in turn, by list, on board of prizes. Roll up, roll up for a share in what we’ve stolen from another crew! (ok… so maybe not everyones human rights were considered)

III. No person to game at cards or dice for money. When the fun stops I guess…

IV. The lights and candles to be put out at eight o’clock at night: if any of the crew, after that hour still remained inclined for drinking, they were to do it on the open deck. Nobody is messing around with Barti’s beauty sleep. Do what you like outside.

V. To keep their piece, pistols, and cutlass clean and fit for service. You never know what’s over the horizon.

VI. No boy or woman to be allowed amongst them. If any man were to be found seducing any of the latter sex, and carried her to sea, disguised, he was to suffer death. No funny business tolerated fellas.

VII. To desert the ship or their quarters in battle, was punished with death or marooning. And not in the picturesque holiday island way.

VIII. No striking one another on board, but every man’s quarrels to be ended on shore, at sword and pistol. It’s hard enough cleaning the battle blood stains off the deck as it is.

IX. No man to talk of breaking up their way of living, till each had shared one thousand pounds. If in order to this, any man should lose a limb, or become a cripple in their service, he was to have eight hundred dollars, out of the public stock, and for lesser hurts, proportionately. Disability benefits before disability benefits were a thing.

X. The Captain and Quartermaster to receive two shares of a prize: the masterboatswain, and gunner, one share and a half, and other officers one and quarter. There’s got to be some perks to all that responsibility I suppose.

XI. The musicians to have rest on the Sabbath Day, but the other six days and nights, none without special favour. Fair. There’s not much else on afterall?

XII. If you wish, tell us your rule, be it funny, outrageous or something Barti himself would see fit to implement on board, and we shall allow your entry to the Three Sheets to the wind Alliance!