Sourcing for Trade?

We supply to trade direct, but appreciate it’s sometimes easier for you to buy through a wholesaler. You can either contact us direct on or here’s a list of companies you can buy Barti Spiced from if you’re a pub, bar or restaurant.


Templeton Beers Wines and Spirits, Blas Ar Fwyd, Castell Howell, Upton Farm (Pembrokeshire), Stori (North), Fine Wines Direct (Based in Cardiff), Glamorgan Brewing Company, Celtic Wines, Tanners (English border) Nectar (South England, delivers into Cardiff) and Carlsberg’s spirit wholesale company Distilled (National).


Pig’s Ears (London, the South and the Mid/West), Nectar (The South), Carlsberg’s spirit wholesale company Distilled (National), Speciality Drinks, Regency Wines (West Country), Inverarity Morton (West Country).


Inverarity Morton, Carlsberg’s spirit wholesale company Distilled (National).

Northern Ireland

Unfortunately we do not have any wheels in Northern Ireland just yet, but let us know if you know a wholesaler who might like to stock Barti there?

Rest of the World

Sadly we aren’t yet exporting outside the UK, but we’re working on it!

Photo by Eaters Collective on Unsplash