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The Barti Seaweed Spiced Surfboard Raffle Ticket


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*After purchase, raffle ticket number(s) will be emailed, not posted. If purchasing raffle tickets only, the shipping cost applied to your order will be refunded after completion of your order*

The Barti Seaweed Spiced Surfboard Raffle

Purchase a raffle ticket to be in with a chance to win the one and only Barti Seaweed Spiced Surfboard (scroll for photos). All proceeds will be donated to the Marine Conservation Society.

Buy as many raffle tickets as you like! Upon purchase, we’ll email you with your raffle ticket number(s).



Hello beach, sea and Barti Lovers, I would like you to introduce you to the unique Barti Spiced Laver Seaweed Surfboard, hand shaped by the young innovative shaper Charlie Cadin.

And yep we are giving it away, to raise money for the Marine Conservation Society and their good work in developing Blue Carbon* initiatives around Wales, UK and the world.

All you have to do is purchase a raffle ticket to be in with a chance to win this truly beautiful surfboard. All money raised will be donated to MCS. 



What’s the raffle prize? 

The first ever Barti Spiced hand shaped 6 10′ surfboard, embedded with Pembrokeshire Laver seaweed AND a case of Barti Spiced to celebrate those summer nights down the beach.



  • UK entrants only
  • Entries must be 18 or over as there is rum involved so proof of age will be required.
  • Raffle ticket will be picked at random and the winner will be contacted directly for proof of age and postal details.

From previous competitions, scammers have high jacked it by requesting you to complete registration forms and asking for card details. Please note we do not have registration forms and we would never ask for your card details.



When I heard about a young shaper winning accolades for using sea lettuce / green seaweed in making a surfboard I just knew we had to get a surfboard shaped by him straight away.

Charlie Cadin was only 18 years old when we came up with the concept of using sea lettuce as the key ingredient in the surfboard manufacturing. This global competition is run annually trying to find sustainable alternatives to traditional surfboard materials. And while the surfboard is still in concept stage and there is still a lot of work to do before it can be developed, Charlie has already taken the biggest step and that is starting on an idea.

From day one Barti has celebrated the innovators, the artists, the dreamers. We want to hear, see, read different stories, different ideas, tell us your most ridiculous dreams and go ahead and do it. Because it is these little ideas that start as tiny ripples that can change everything that has gone on before.

So here we have the first ever Barti Spiced hand shaped surfboard by the innovator Charlie Cadin.

Summer is just around the corner and wherever you are in this fine land, one thing’s for sure is that summer waves will help blow those winter lock down blues away.

So, kick off your summer in pure Barti Seaweed style and purchase a raffle ticket for your chance to win this dream board and help raise money for not just protecting but for enriching our seas.

Good luck x


Surfboard details

The Barti looks and is designed as a mid length classic, finished with an extra gloss coat for the classic look.

It’s all about catching those glassy summer waves, surfing them with a single fin, timeless style making beautiful clean lines.

Think endless summers, beach boys soundtracks and wave after wave after wave.

It is unique, a one off and it could be yours…

  • Name: The Barti
  • Ability: Intermediate
  • Dimensions: 6’10 x 21 ½ x 2 3/8
  • Conditions: Anything from knee high to as big you dare!
  • Construction: Regular PU/Polyester Fibreglass with Pembrokeshire Laver seaweed with a dash of Barti
  • Fin System: Single Fin Box
  • Fins included: Hell yeah a beautiful laver seaweed single fin


* Blue carbon is simply carbon absorbed from the water and atmosphere stored in the world’s seas and coasts.