Barti Art Competition 2019

Welcome to Barti Art 2019! Here’s how it works.

Whether you are an illustrator, jewellery maker, ceramicist, florist, song writer, sculptor, film maker, fashion designer, furniture maker or anything in between (including complete novice) we welcome your entry. There is just one rule. Whatever you make it has to be inspired in some way by Barti.

Whether you are inspired by the flavours and ingredients in the drink or the pirate himself that’s up to you. Here is the art we received in 2018.

Work on your entries over the coming months, just make sure you get them to us before the 15th October 2019 (a Tuesday). In the weeks that follow we hope to hold an exhibition of the work, winners will be chosen, awards given and this year we will also be holding an auction. Selected pieces will be up for auction both online and at the exhibition in Pembrokeshire, people will be able to bid only by sealed bid. All money raised from the sale of Barti Art (we will also be auctioning some of the 2018 entries) will go to an environmental action charity (charity tbc).

Winners are chosen by our judging panel made up of local screen print artist Tom Frost, The Boy Frost, Pembrokeshire jewellery maker Hannah Robison of Fresh West Silver and a couple of us from here at Barti Rum. The prizes are listed above and include rum and cold hard cash! For this reason, all entrants must be over the age of 18.

Send entries to the address pictured above. Don’t forget to include a note with your name, address and contact email and number so we can get in touch with you if you win. You can also include a short paragraph about the art you are sending if you wish which will be displayed alongside your art at the exhibition.

Follow our social media and check back here for information and confirmation of exhibition venue and dates. Good luck!

Terms & Conditions

  1. You must be over 18 to enter a piece of art.
  2. Art can be anything but should be original and belong to the sender.
  3. Once art is delivered it becomes property of Barti Rum unless otherwise agreed prior to delivery.
  4. Art work must be delivered to the above pictured address before Tuesday 15th October 2019 to be included.
  5. All entrants will be displayed at the exhibition, with the possible exception of film, music and exceptionally large pieces if the exhibition venue cannot accommodate these.
  6. It is up to Barti Rum which pieces make it into the charity auction.